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King County Juvenile Detention Center

With KJ Wright and Cooper Helfet

February 24, 2020

TNP Athlete Ambassador KJ Wright spent most of a day in the gym but not his usual training gym. He joined TNP and our partner Upower to talk with over 30 youth on the importance of training not only their bodies but their minds to get active thinking about topics like perseverance, determination, goal setting and teamwork. The impact of KJ’s words clearly resonated.

From Head of the Mental Health Clinic:

"Thank you for bringing in KJ Wright and Cooper Helfet and hopefully, they can come back soon. We have been working on goal setting with a lot of these kids and getting nowhere... Since Tuesday we have had multiple kids come in and talk about how they wanted to work on goal setting as well as figure out what they are truly passionate about. I think those two had a huge impact on our current population."

From one of our youth:

"KJ and Cooper really changed my life, I really want to start working on myself (school/grades/behavior) so when I get out I can find a Junior College or Community College to play football at."


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