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Tulalip Tribe TNP Event

Last weekend we had the privilege to bring a group of @the_natureproject athlete mentors to spend a day with young members of the Tulalip Tribe at the Tulalip Reservation just north of Seattle, Washington. Once again, the Seattle Seahawks showed up to support our mission with @jkearse15 and @tswoopes18. After a day spent along the coast experiencing the TNP curriculum, learning about teamwork, communication, perseverance and the benefits of spending time in nature, TNP co-founder, @coophelfet shared this final message: • “You live on a beautiful reservation,” Cooper said. “If you’re looking for ways to get involved in outdoor fun, it’s as simple as walking along the beach or adventuring a little east and getting up in the woods. It doesn’t take much. It’s grabbing a neighbor and going for a walk, it doesn’t need to be a planned thing. When I think about my childhood, none of my memories were inside paying video games. They were memories I can feel, hear, see and smell and were with friends. 99% of the time they were outdoors. You just gotta take the initiative and go do it. Your ancestors were the original stewards of all this land we get to call home, and I just want to express that there’s an insane amount of gratitude that I have for that.”


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