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San Francisco YMCASF Crissy Field Event

I am thrilled that we were able to Kick-Off the 2018 season of The Nature Project with an impactful, fun strike mission in collaboration with the YMCASF in San Francisco on Crissy Field. We wanted to test some new curriculum that we have been developing as we enhance our Nature Project product moving into this year. Fortunately, we were blessed with a picturesque, sunny day on the bay, and there were nothing but smiles across the faces of the 20 elementary school students we had in attendance.

My close friend Kelechi Osemele, a pro-bowl guard for the Oakland Raiders, and an avid outdoor enthusiast and I were ecstatic to see the kids enthusiasm and optimism towards a few hours spent with us preaching the importance of the outdoors, perseverance, communication, teamwork, and gratitude. Although a younger population than normally targeted for TNP, they bought right into the activities we had devised and took away the key concepts we hoped to pass on to them in their journey toward a healthy relationship with nature. The event solidified our belief that a beautiful day spent outside between kids and some of their favorite pro athlete mentors can really make a positive impact on our youth while strengthening their bond with nature.

Stay tuned for some larger, more exciting adventures with our team as we move into the spring!

Cheers and Get Outside,


TNP Co-Founder


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